This is a pinhole camera… this is a camera… yes a CAMERA… in a matchbox… sure it works!!

And 2 days later i shown the pictures and some were almost good! I could say IT WORKS!!

Ok let me intruduce us…

We are 3 design students in 5th year ,DSK ISD in Pune, India, (2 from France and 1 from India) and we make pinhole cameras…

I’m Fridge, i’m currently doing a project about a camera (Simplify something which was simple but not anymore) and I made a pinhole camera (very very simple image capture principle) and the result is really cool regarding the price (less than 5€).

Fe and Flou join me and we decided to start a blog…

So we would like to exchange about the pinhole camera and also about silver film cameras.

So if you would like to share with us your pics and your knowledge about the (almost) dead principle of the silver film (thanks Mr Kodak!!) you are welcome!


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